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Announcing the First eCommerce Synagogue Gift Shop

first-synagogue-ecommerce-store Posted on October 22, 2018

Announcing the First eCommerce Synagogue Gift Shop


eCommerce is booming and starting an online store is easier than ever. Yet, synagogues have not embraced this change. Now, with the recent debut of the online Landau Gift Box, Har Zion Temple, Penn Valley, Pennsylvania is at the forefront of this revolution.

“It’s hard to believe, but this is something that no synagogue has done before. Har Zion Temple is the first congregation to have a true eCommerce gift shop that is built directly into their synagogue website,” says Hirsch Fishman, owner of Addicott Web.

Unrestricted by location or time of day, the Landau Gift Box frees customers from the constraints of a traditional synagogue shop.

“Our online gift shop will allow us to meet people where they are. Members can shop at any hour and at their convenience. We look forward to broadening our customer base within our congregation and community,” notes Dorene Karasick, the Landau Gift Shop Treasurer and the driving force behind this exciting project.

In an age where shopper convenience is valued over loyalty, an online store increases the likelihood that members will continue to support their synagogue store and not another online Judaica shop. 

As Fishman states “this isn’t a replacement for the in-house synagogue gift shop. Instead, it acts an extension of the brick and mortar store.” 

We selected WooCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce solutions for WordPress to serve as the backbone for Har Zion’s online store. By providing a seamless integration with the existing synagogue website, the online store is simply another feature for visitors to use on the site.

By tailoring it for all devices, the online Landau Gift Box makes it easier than ever for Har Zion members to support the congregation. 

Norman Einhorn, Director of Member Engagement, observes “the 24/7 online access to our beautiful gift shop is an amazing example of sharing Har Zion with our community and the world! The launch of the online gift shop has been well received, has already generated orders, and has even brought folks into the building to see the gift shop live for themselves!”

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