Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cost and Payment

Q. What does a synagogue website cost?

There are many aspects that factor into the cost of creating a new synagogue website. These costs can vary widely depending on what features you want the new website to have and how long we estimate that it will take to complete the project. Please contact us to get a cost estimate for your website work.

Q. Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do. We ask for a 50% deposit on all projects, to be paid before work begins on the website.

Q. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we do. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

Completion Time

Q. How long does it take to build a synagogue website?

Designing a great synagogue website takes time. It can take from a few weeks to a few months (or more) to completely design and launch a new website, depending on the particular project. In general though, how soon your synagogue’s website can be finished depends on a number of things, such as:

  • The size of the website
  • The complexity of the design
  • Any advanced features you need
  • When your content is ready
  • Our current client design schedule
  • Your timely feedback and input on our work

Design Process

Q. Do synagogues get to see the design before it’s built?

Yes. In the design phase of our project process, we create full-color design mockups so that you can see exactly how the website will look and function. These will be submitted to you so that you can review them with your synagogue’s team and/or involved laypeople and give us any feedback about what you see.

Q. Are there limits to have many changes can be made to the design?

Yes. Once you approve the mockups, the design has been “locked in” and we’ll start actually building the new website online. Once the website has been built, it is much more difficult to make significant changes to the design, so we limit the number of major revisions to one.

Naturally you’ll have smaller changes and additions, which we’ll be glad to make. If you request too many changes to your design though, or if you request major changes to the design after the entire site has been built online, you will incur more charges and the synagogue’s website will take longer to complete.


Q. Do I need to hire a “local” web site designer?

Unlike other businesses, whether or not your web designer is in the area makes little difference. All the information we need to design your website can easily be communicated through email, over the phone, etc.

We’ve worked with synagogues across the country and have never had any problems completing a project because of the distance. No matter where the synagogue is located, we have been able to maintain a close working relationship during the course of the project.

Website Maintenance

Q. Do you install Google Analytics?

Yes. Once the new website is launched, we will install Google Analytics for you, which will automatically record information about your website’s visitors. Or, if you already have a Google Analytics account, we can copy the tracking code from the old website and add it to the new one.

Q. Will my synagogue’s new website be easy to update?

Yes. We build all of our websites using WordPress, an online, open-source content management system. Using this system will give you the ability to easily maintain the website once it’s launched. We’ll make sure you know how to use WordPress once your website is ready, and will provide training to anyone at your synagogue who will be using it to update the website.

Our Process

We use a step-by-step process in order to effectively manage the creation of your synagogue’s new website from start to finish.

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We include a lot of features in all our synagogue websites – see what is in our Basic and Premium packages that we offer.

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Customer Service

We take pride in the customer service that we provide to synagogues throughout the course of our professional relationship.

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