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We design synagogue websites in WordPress for synagogues of all sizes & denominations.

Synagogue websites should be welcoming, look great, be easy to manage, and efficiently communicate information to your community. Does yours?

Let's Move Your Synagogue Forward

SYNAGOGUE WEB DESIGN creating unique website designs for synagogues

Website Design

All synagogues deserve a great website. Our good-looking and user-friendly sites give potential members a positive first impression of your synagogue.

SYNAGOGUE WEB DESIGNER building custom WordPress websites for synagogues

WordPress Websites

Updating your synagogue’s website should be easy. You don’t need to be an expert to excel at using one of our websites. No experience is required for success.

SYNAGOGUE WEB DESIGN building custom WordPress Multisite website projects for synagogues

WordPress Multisite

Manage multiple websites from a single location. Your ECC or religious school can have their own site, but one that looks and feels like the synagogue website.

SYNAGOGUE WEB DESIGN building custom online donation and payment forms on synagogue websites

Online Payments

These days, who wants to deal with paper? Build forms so that your congregants can register for events, donate & complete other payments online.

Latest Synagogue Website Projects

Visit our full portfolio to see all of the synagogue websites we’ve designed.

“Thank you so much for all your patience, support, and help these past few months in building a beautiful website for our synagogue! We have gotten great reviews so far, and we are so appreciative to you for all your expertise. You went the extra mile to make sure we were happy, and indulged so many snags and requests and did a great job! Thank you!”

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Our Web Design Process

Our process is based on a simple idea: we listen. And that means we get to know our clients as well as you know your congregants.

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How We Help Synagogues

Our focus is on helping synagogues grow and thrive online. From websites to SEO to eCommerce, we've got you covered.

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Synagogue Website Features

Online donations, secure event registration, members only pages, blogs, and more. You name it and your new website can have it.

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