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Project Timeline for a New Synagogue Website

Designing a new synagogue website with our design process takes, on average, about 3 months, give or take.

The project schedule will be determined during the course of the project in consultation with you. We aim for the timely completion of work on your website, while giving some leeway during the process should anything come up that might cause a delay.

Please note the overall project timeline for your new synagogue website can be dependent upon the following:

  • Scheduled meetings – Timely scheduling of meetings, phone calls, etc.
  • Content – How long it takes you to gather additional content, photos, etc.
  • Timely feedback – How long it takes to provide feedback during the respective feedback opportunities.
  • Awareness of additional requirements – During the project, additional requirements may arise, or requirements may change. If this happens, we ask that we be made aware of these as soon as possible, so that they can be handled promptly without throwing the delivery timetable off.

If this timeline sounds good and you would like to get started on redesigning and rebuilding your synagogue’s website, contact us for an estimate today!