Synagogue Website Design Services

Does your synagogue need a new website? Is it more than a few years old and difficult to manage, or does it need a new, modern look? Let us create a new website for your synagogue today!

We’ll start by having a free phone consultation with you to figure out exactly what your synagogue’s needs are. Then we’ll send you a proposal customized for your specific project.

Once we start working with your synagogue, we will help you figure out exactly what you need for your project in order to make the website as effective as possible. We’ll give your synagogue our expert advice and help your team make decisions about the website, guiding you in order to make it the best communications vehicle it can be.

We can give your synagogue everything it needs for a new website, including:

  • A unique design custom-created for your synagogue
  • A responsive design that lets the website easily scale down for smaller screen sizes such as tablets and smart phones
  • A website that runs on WordPress
  • Photo galleries
  • Content recommendations
  • Drag-and-drop “widget” areas
  • Drop-down navigation menus
  • Custom graphics and design elements
  • Events calendar, including RSVP capability
  • PDF downloads
  • Customized WordPress dashboard
  • As many contact forms as you need
  • Multiple blogs
  • Members-only area
  • And more…

We will also take care of other work to get your new website ready, such as:

  • Migrating content from your existing website into the new design
  • Adding any new information that you provide
  • Making any changes you ask for until the new website meets your expectations

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to get started on a new website for your synagogue!

Our Process

Our process is based on a simple idea: we listen. And that means we get to know our clients as well as you know your congregants.

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How We Help

Our focus is on helping synagogues grow and thrive online. From websites to SEO to eCommerce, we've got you covered.

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Online donations, secure event registration, members only pages, blogs, and more. You name it and your new website can have it.

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