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Synagogue Website Design

synagogue-website-designWe started Addicott Web because all synagogues deserve a great website.

We believe that synagogue websites should be welcoming, user-friendly, and give visitors a positive impression. We also believe that synagogues shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to look good online.

Our collaborative and hands-on process involves you and your team every step of the way. We get to know you as well as you know your congregants. By understanding what makes you special, your new website shares the joy and energy of your community.

We can give your synagogue everything it needs for a new website, including:

  • A unique design custom-created for your synagogue
  • A responsive design that lets the website easily scale down for smaller screen sizes such as tablets and smartphones
  • A website that runs on WordPress
  • Photo galleries
  • Content recommendations
  • Drag-and-drop “widget” areas
  • Drop-down navigation menus
  • Custom graphics and design elements
  • Events calendar, including RSVP capability
  • PDF downloads
  • Customized WordPress dashboard
  • As many contact forms as you need
  • Multiple blogs
  • Members-only area

Together, let’s build a better website for your congregation.

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