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22 of the Best Reform Temple Websites

first place ribbons Posted on October 2, 2012
by Hirsch Fishman

Check out our updated list of the Best Reform Synagogue Websites of 2019. See this year’s list ->

best-reform-synagogue-websites-2019 (1)

With almost 900 affiliated congregations across the United States and Canada, Reform Judaism is one of the largest synagogue movements in North America.

With such numbers, I looked through a ton of websites while putting together this list. Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of “great” websites that I found – i.e., ones that combined unique designs with an emphasis on usability. There were a lot of “nice” and “average” looking websites in the middle of the spectrum, much like the Conservative movement.

(To me a great synagogue website isn’t just about the design – it’s about the content as well, and incorporates many of my 18 successful elements of synagogue websites.)

One thing I did notice when looking through all the Reform temple websites is that a large percentage of them share some kind of template, either through a content management system or just as HTML. This isn’t surprising though, as the Union of Reform Judaism offers a website builder tool to their affiliated temples. But the large number of older, HTML templates in use indicates that there is still a lot of room to grow in terms of the overall state of websites in the Reform movement – again, much as is in the Conservative movement.

Reform temples no doubt face the same challenges as any movement temple does when it comes to websites – that the smaller temple don’t necessarily have the resources to help with their websites that the larger ones do. But, that’s not necessarily an ironclad rule, as some of the websites in the list below can attest to.

Without further ado, here is my list of 22 of the best Reform temple websites that I came across, listed alphabetically by state.

Our updated list for 2019 is here ->

best-reform-synagogue-websites-2019 (1)


Congregation B’nai Tzedek – Fountain Valley, CA

Temple Isaiah – Lafayette, CA

Congregation Emanu-El – San Francisco, CA

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Temple Judea – Tarzana, CA

Temple Adat Elohim – Thousand Oaks, CA

Temple Beth El – St. Petersburg, FL

Congregation Mickve Israel – Savannah, GA

Congregation Beth El – Sudbury, MA

Temple Shir Tikva – Wayland, MA


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best-reform-synagogue-websites-2019 (1)

Temple Beth El – Closter, NJ

Brooklyn Heights Synagogue – Brooklyn, NY

Temple Am Echad – Lynbrook, NY

Temple Emanu-El – New York, NY

The Village Temple – New York, NY

Temple Beth Or – Raleigh, NC

Temple David – Monroeville, PA

Hey there! Still looking for the updated list of Best Reform Synagogue Websites of 2019 – check it out here ->

best-reform-synagogue-websites-2019 (1)

Temple Israel – Memphis, TN

Temple Emanu-El – Dallas, TX

Temple Mount Sinai – El Paso, TX

Temple B’nai Shalom – Fairfax, VA

Temple B’nai Torah – Bellevue, WA

Congregation Shalom – Milwaukee, WI

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